Hillary Clinton’s candid moments caught on camera

  • Hillary Clinton’s candid moments caught on camera ➤ Buzzday.info
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17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s candid moments caught on camera”

  1. All I know about Hillary is what her husband slick Willie stated to a female freind of his.
    And that is and I quote She gets more p#$$ythen me

  2. Hillary was hell of a lot smarter and would
    have made a much better President than
    than Trump who could care less about the
    American people and did everything he
    could to divide the American people. People should be
    chanting lock him up. He is a criminal.

  3. She’s the most hateful , nasty, evil woman in America..NOBODY LIKES HER! She thinks she’s a queen!

  4. Ah! another Trump supporter trying to stir up old stories to distract you from Trumps present criminal situation.

  5. Look it’s been years since this woman has ran for anything. You ppl need to get a life and do something worth talking about. Talk about current issues. Hillary NOR Obama has nothing to do with this nonsense.

  6. Hillary is a very knowledgeable about our government and in my opinion she would make an awesome President. 100Xs better and more qualified than POS Trump. Go Hillary!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. All you Hillery fans
    Follow her too Hell!
    That’s where all Clinton’s are headed
    They’ll send u on ahead if your not carefull!carefully!!
    Praise God
    Or u Hell bound!

  8. Trump supporters: You’re living in a fantasy world, you are so dominated by this egomaniac that if he tells to jump from Trump’s Towers, you’ll do it. He couldn’t care less about all of you. If he becomes president, this country will go to hell and you all will never know what hit you. Please, wake up!

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